Disease Information: is a wonderful resource for clients looking to read up on any health issues that may be concerning their pet.  Key words can be typed into the search bar for a list of related articles.

American Heartworm Society:  The American Heartworm Society strives to study and better understand the widespread disease of Heartworm with hopes of educating and preventing infection.  Check out the "Pet Owner Resources" tab for information on heartworm disease infection, treatment and prevention, as well as infographics regarding specific risks of different areas in the United States.  

Companion Animal Parasite Council:  The Companion Animal Parasite Council (CAPC) is an independent organization geared toward educating veterinarians and pet owners alike on the prevalence and prevention of internal and external parasites that may be affecting animals in their specific area.  CAPC also hosts a website called Pets and Parasites, which is made for pet owners specifically, and contains a great amount of information on parasites that may be of concern to you and your pet. 

Shelters and Rescues:

Cherryland Humane Society


Referral Hospitals and Laboratories:

BluePearl Veterinary Partners of Michigan

Bay Area Pet Hospital 24/7 Emergency and Critical Care

Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine

Idexx Laboratories

Wildlife Rehabilitation:

List of Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitators in Northern Michigan

Grand Traverse County Animal Laws:

Grand Traverse County Dog License Information

Grand Traverse County Animal Bites and Rabies Information

Poison Control:

Poison Control: 1-800-222-1222

Pet Poison Helpline



Pet Loss Grief Support:

MSU Pet Loss Support Hotline: 1-517-432-2696

Veterinary Associations:

The Michigan Veterinary Medical Association

The American Veterinary Medical Association