We offer most surgeries: ranging from routine spays and neuters (which begin at 6 months of age) to much more complicated procedures. We commonly perform abdominal surgeries, and tumor removals. In the case of more specialized surgeries, including a majority of orthopedic procedures, we refer to BluePearl Veterinary Partners of Michigan and Michigan State University Veterinary Medical Center.


Your pet's safety and comfort are our top priority! During surgical and dental procedures, our doctors and team of technicians administer anesthesia based on your pet's individual needs. Our operating room offers ongoing monitoring equipment such as ECG, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, temperature, heart, and respiration rate.  All patients are kept warm and supported by circulated water blankets.  Particular emphasis is placed on pain control both during surgery, and afterwards. With all anesthetic procedures we require pre-anesthetic lab work to ensure internal organ function is appropriate. IV fluids and close anesthesia monitoring also help lessen the risk of anesthetic complications and provide you, the owner, with some peace of mind. 

Why should I choose pre-anesthetic bloodwork or IV fluids?

Pre-anesthetic Guidelines:

1. No food after 8 p.m. the night prior to surgery. Water can be available at all times.

2. Plan on dropping off your pet for surgery between 7:50 and 8:30 a.m. the day of surgery. Give yourself about 10 minutes to fill out any required paperwork, make any decisions about options available, and discuss any questions or concerns.

3. If you have not received an estimate and would like one, feel free to ask! We're happy to draw up estimates for each and every client.

Pain Management:

Pain elimination is crucial to your pet's well-being and proper healing.  A full battery of pain control methods will be employed to keep your beloved companion comfortable pre- and post-operatively.