Not only does laboratory testing allow the diagnosis of life-threatening internal illness, but it also allows for early detection of changes in your pet's health, sometimes even before you begin to notice symptoms. With the help of our in-house Chemistry and CBC machine, we're able to run most blood tests here at the clinic and thus are able to both routinely monitor the internal status of older patients, as well as come up with a plan for sick ones immediately. In-house laboratory testing includes Chemistry, CBC, Urinalysis, and Cytology. For more detailed testing we utilize Idexx Laboratory and Michigan State University. We regularly consult board certified specialists in Hematology, Endocrinology and Internal Medicine. If warranted, allergy testing may be performed by the Heska laboratory. We also utilize the expertise of board-certified cardiologists in evaluating ECGs.


In order to provide your pet the best medical care, Grand Traverse Veterinary Hospital uses advanced digital radiology equipment for the diagnosis of medical and surgical conditions in your pet.  Clear detailed radiographs help us evaluate conditions such as the location of bone fractures, intestinal foreign bodies, and heart disease. Should more detailed evaluation be needed, we can submit our films to board certified radiologists.


We are also able to employ ultrasound evaluation when warranted. Our ultrasound unit allows us to diagnose soft tissue ailments within the abdomen and thorax of our patients, without being invasive. We also offer ultrasounds by a mobile veterinary sonographer in house.