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Meet the staff

Veterinary Technicians:


  Jenni Russell:

Another one of our most experienced veterinary technicians, Jenni has been working at Grand Traverse Veterinary Hospital for the past 11 years. During that time, she has found a great amount of joy in working with a variety of animals and daily reward in being involved in their well being.  Jenni is well known in our clinic for keeping a smile on everyone’s face, her warm, lighthearted demeanor bringing joy to all that visit.  One of Jenni's greatest passions is sports; She spends the majority of her off time attending a variety of high school sports, including football, volleyball, and track, and even has a history of coaching basketball.  She also enjoys camping, boating, reading, traveling, and spending time with her three Boston Terriers, "Mia", "Jada Mae", and "Jackson".  You might even see one (or if you’re lucky, all three) of them hanging around the clinic on quiet days. 

Laura Rozelle:

 Laura has been working as a veterinary technician at GTVH for the past 3 years, and has become an important part of our veterinary team. Laura graduated from the Animal Behavior College in November of 2013 with the intention of working with animals, and since then has done so accordingly. Since joining the team, Laura has learned incredibly quickly, picking up all sorts of technical skills and exhibiting both diligence and passion for working in a clinical veterinary setting. In doing do, Laura’s favorite parts of working with GTVH are the wonderful staff that she is surrounded by, the opportunity to work with a variety of patients and owners, and the ability to bring so much joy to individual people through the care of their pets. Laura loves the outdoors, and on her off time, you might see her two tracking, hunting, fishing, and hiking with her husband and two dogs, "Chase" (Labrador Retriever) and "Charlie" (Australian Shepard). 

Erin Krysinski:

Erin Krysinski has been working with Grand Traverse Veterinary Hospital for just over a year or two.  As the daughter of Dr. Alexander and Dr. Krysinski, veterinary medicine has always been a large part of her life.  While growing up, she worked for many years, first as a kennel assistant and later as a veterinary technician at the family’s veterinary clinic in Detroit.  After graduating from Colgate University in 2013 with a bachelors degree in Neuroscience, she found that veterinary medicine was her true passion and spent the next year in rural central New York, working as the only veterinary assistant for an equine internal medicine specialist and surgical specialist.  When her parents purchased Grand Traverse Veterinary Hospital in 2014, she found herself back in Michigan to further expand her veterinary experiences while also applying to veterinary school.  Erin spends the majority of her off time training her ex-racehorse “Sur” in eventing, but she can also be seen doing a vast array of other outdoor activities, from mountain biking, to kayaking, fishing, hiking, and even snowboarding in the winter.  Though she recently began Veterinary School at Michigan State University, you might still see her here helping out during breaks.

Casey Lorence:

Casey is one of the newer members of the GTVH team.  After graduating from Baker College with her LVT degree in June of 2015, she began working as a licensed veterinary technician at GTVH this past fall.  Though originally from Standish, Michigan, she moved to the beautiful Traverse City area about a year ago.  Since being here, she’s been able to take advantage of her surroundings by hunting, fishing, skiing, horseback riding and generally enjoying the outdoors. When she’s not playing outside, she can be found hanging out with her 3 adorable cats, Hobbs, aka “Chunkers”, Socks and Marlow.


Marian Vermeulen:

Marian is our newest addition to the GTVH team.  Marian began studying for her LVT license in January of 2015, and is excited to join the team at Grand Traverse Veterinary Hospital. She feels very privileged to have such experienced and welcoming co-workers who are willing to pass on their expertise. Marian has loved all animals from a young age, but especially horses. After growing up with a couple of Arabians, she began working at farms and ranches, and now works as a freelance horse trainer in her spare time. She also enjoys spending free time with her husband, Christian, her horse, Stanley, and their cat, Loki. Her hobbies include riding, reading, skiing, hiking, sailing, and basically anything else outdoors. She is looking forward to the coming year, and is excited to meet new animals, meet new people, and learn everything she can from her wonderful co-workers!


Sandy Ball:

One of our most experienced Veterinary Receptionists, Sandy has been working with GTVH for the past 9 years and since has become not only an integral part of our team, but a bit of a jack of all trades as well. Though her primary realm is up at the front check out desk, she can also be seen filling in in back when the other technicians need help. Sandy’s previous experience as an EMT has allowed her to be incredibly patient, calming, and compassionate especially in times of stress, and her warm smile welcomes all that visit. On her off days, she can be seen kayaking and spending time outdoors with her collection of furry friends: two adorable Australian cattle dogs, "Muggsie" and "Della", one horse, "Hootie", and a flock of chickens. Occasionally, you’ll see Muggsie and Della hanging out behind the front desk.

Tami Houle:

Tami has been a receptionist at GTVH for the past 8 years, where she has become another one of our most inviting, patient, and kind faces at the front of the clinic.  While working at GTVH, Tami has found significant enjoyment in all aspects of veterinary medicine, from the variety of the daily schedule, to working with the close knit staff at GTVH, to the interaction with animals and their loving owners.  Though Tami grew up in Waterford, she has spent the majority of her life living in northern Michigan, enjoying classes at NMC and kayaking in her off time.  She also enjoys reading, rollerblading, and spending time with her family which consists of her husband, son, granddaughter, two dogs, and three cats. Tami is also a talented photographer and you may see many of her pictures on our website and facebook page!

Melanie Krumrie:

Melanie has been a receptionist at Grand Traverse Veterinary Hospital for the past 6 years, and has become an important member of our welcoming team. Melanie’s interest in veterinary medicine began early. Though originally from Jacksonville, Florida, while growing up, Melanie spent her summers on her family’s farm in downstate Michigan, helping out with all sorts of animals: from cows, to goats, turkeys, chickens, and rabbits.  Since then, she has found a deep passion for working with clients and their pets in an often fast paced and variable environment like the clinic.  After moving to the Traverse City Area 20 years ago, she has since spent her off time enjoying the outdoors, doing anything from hiking, to kayaking, fishing, snowshoeing, and especially spending time with her son Kayden and dog "Chicago", named after a combination of their favorite sports teams (Cubs, Bears, and Blackhawks).