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Our clinic is fully equipped to meet all of your pet's needs. For more pictures of the clinic, especially as we start to remodel, click here.

Check in and check out waiting rooms: Our separate check-in and check-out areas help to prevent any unwanted encounters with incoming or outgoing animals


      Check-In Waiting Room                         Check-In Desk                                 Check-Out Desk

Three patient exam rooms: Each of our exam rooms is fully equipped with the tools that your veterinarian may need to examine your pet.  We also have several hydraulic tables for larger, older, or more painful pets to be raised to a higher level more suitable for physical examination.  Our exam rooms also have separate exit and entrance doors, again to help prevent confrontations with other patients.


                 Exam Room 1                                    Exam Room 2                                Exam Room 3

One large treatment area: Our main treatment ward is our largest workspace for the examination and medical treatment of patients.  Besides any of the tools or medications that we may need to use to help diagnose and treat your animal, the treatment ward also contains two exam tables, a tub and dental table, dental unit, surgery prep, mobile anesthetic machine, and a few cages for patients that need to be under close observation for the day.  


         Back of Treatment                                     Front of Treatment

Main Ward: Our main ward contains 12 cages of varying sizes as well as three large dog runs for even the largest sick or recovering patient.  Because your pet's comfort is our biggest priority, every cage is padded with towels and blankets, and sometimes even heating pads if necessary.  Cages are disinfected between each animal.

              Main Ward

Surgery suite: Our surgery suite is where we perform all of our major surgeries. Contained in the suite is a large anesthetic machine, surgical table, and a full fleet of monitoring equipment such as an ECG, thermometer, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, heart, and respiration rate machines. All patients are kept warm via circulating water blankets and are given the option to be maintained on IV fluids throughout the procedure. Also in surgery is where we perform most of our ultrasounds.

             Surgery Suite

Pharmacy: The pharmacy is where we keep all of our medications for dispensing.  We also keep several veterinary diets on hand.


           Pharmacy and Lab                                Pharmacy                                      Veterinary Diets

On site laboratory: Our in house Microscope, CBC, Chemistry, and Snap Test machines allow us to accurately perform most major blood, cytology, and urine tests on site.  As a result, we're able to obtain results quickly, and immidiately begin working on a plan for you and your pet.  


                          Laboratory                                           CBC, Chemistry, and Snap Tests

Digital xray: In the back of the clinic is our digital xray room. With the help of the computer, we're able to obtain clearer pictures that are more capable of manipulation than those of the standard xray machine. 


                 Digital Xray Processor                                    Digital Xray Machine

Isolation ward: Our isolation ward gives us the ability to contain and care for infectious animals without exposing other patients. We follow several important disinfecting procedures to prevent the spread of disease and biohazardous materials.